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Thank you for choosing Messina Inn. Please note parking areas are marked on the map.

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Messina Inn Welcome Guide

Messina Inn by Wimberley Getaways is a family-owned and operated Wimberley Hotel.  All of our properties are located within three miles of Wimberley Square and are each individually unique. We are proud to have been a part of the hospitality community for over 10 years. Our family invites you to stay with us at any of our properties.

Guest Experience

We want our guests to have the best experience possible. If there is a problem with the property or staff, please contact the office/manager so that the problem can be corrected. Wimberley Getaways will make every effort to correct the problem in a reasonable amount of time. We ask that our guests inform us of issues promptly, rather than after their stay so that we have an opportunity to address them. Unforeseen issues can occur from time to time. Your understanding of this is appreciated.

Pool Area

  • Hours

10 AM- 10 PM

  • Shower

Please shower before entering the pool or hot tub. Wearing lotions, and tanning solutions into the hot tub will create a slim and will make the hot tub unusable. Please be courteous to other guests staying at the inn.

  • Absolutely NO GLASS in the pool area.
  • No Kids under 12 at the Pool after 6 PM

Additional Pool Rules are posted inside the pool area.

  • Sauna

Use the switch located on the outside to turn the sauna on, wait 20 minutes to heat up and follow the instructions located on the interior wall. Please turn the sauna off when you are finished.


We preserve 13 gorgeous acres of land in the middle of Texas Hill Country so others can enjoy it too.

We also Recycle, Repurpose, and Reuse what we can & encourage you to do the same.

  • Suite’s Light Touch Cleaning Service

In our guest rooms, we provide light-touch services during your stay including fresh towels, making the bed, clean dishes, and trash removal. If you wish to conserve please use your Do Not Disturb sign.

  • Cottage Light Touch Cleaning Service

If you are staying more than 2 nights then on day 3 of your stay we provide light-touch services including fresh towels, making the bed, clean dishes, and trash removal.

  • OUR PROPERTY IS ON A SEPTIC SYSTEM. Please only flush toilet paper, DO NOT flush  “flushable items” feminine items, wipes, or paper towels may cause costly damages. 


Wimberley coffee shop

Complimentary Breakfast served on Saturday & Sunday from 8-10 AM in the Conference Room

(#5 on the map)


NETWORK: Messina Inn

PASSWORD: Wimberley

Check Out Procedure

Please make sure all Windows and Doors are locked.

Turn Lights off

Please place the key in mailbox by the office.

Thank You for staying with Messina Inn a Wimberley Hotel